[rant] Being an adult has absolutely no benefits

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I started tweeting about this on my twitter but I think this is worthy enough for a blog post.

So before high school/year twelve finished and during exam week or after exam week, my family was pushing me to get a job. Of course students should get a part time job after they finish school so I was like okay. Getting a job proved to be harder than I thought as the place where my sister works now still (to this day) hasn't gotten back to me. So my parents kept pushing me again and again to get a job because I had graduated from high school and it was basically a four month holiday for me.

So I finally got a job interview and I passed that - I also passed the training where you don't get paid for your first unofficial day of work. So I started working at a Japanese restaurant. Then I got my university acceptance letter and my ATAR score as well. I got into the university that I wanted and the course that I wanted as well. So everything was going according to plan. I had a job, I'm getting an education but according to my parents and my sister especially - that wasn't enough.

So it's like a month since I've started working and I'm going onto my third week on university. My family have been complaining so much about how I should take the bus to get to work and take the bus to get to university (to and from my house). I don't know about where you live but where I live - the transportation system is like the worst in Australia. It's like a second world country's transportation system as opposed to first world. It takes me like an hour just to get to my job and my university. So then my family tell me to find another job because they don't want to take me anymore!!!! DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS TO FIND A GOOD JOB LIKE THIS??!!! I love where I work right now - I get paid a decent amount and I get dinner after I finish work. I have a nice uniform and everyone there is extremely friendly.

Not only that but now apparently since I'm 18 it means that I automatically have all this money right? so now I have to pay for everything myself! Then like after they tell me that - they tell me I should save up for the future. Oh great, not only do I need to pay for everything myself but now I have to save money as well. Also, since I'm 18 I have to apparently do everything for myself as well and so now I have to pay for my stationary for uni, my textbooks for uni and my freaking driving lessons!!! HOW DO THEY EXPECT ME TO SAVE UP WHEN I HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING?!!?! Not only that but my mum expects me to pay for my phone bill now that I have a job. The job that she told me to quit! Then they tell me I should have just gotten my drivers license.

BITCH if I had gotten my drivers license earlier I would have to sacrifice my studying time to practice driving! If I did that - sure I would have already gotten my drivers license but I wouldn't have gotten into a university but instead going to Tafe instead like my sister and working at Hungry Jacks or something without a proper education and spending all my money. My family were always putting me down that I wouldn't get into a university at all because I didn't study but I did! I just don't do it when they're awake because I can't fucking study with them being so noisy and telling me to do the dishes and whatnot! I have to study at night because they're all asleep at night and I can finally concentrate. So now I've FINALLY gotten into university and yet they're still not satisfied. They told me I would have to go to TAFE instead and then I won't get a good job. WHAT THE FUCK! I got into university now and I have a good job too and they're still not satisfied with that! I am so sick of all of this shit.

Especially my sister - she keeps on putting me down for everything and complaining about everything as well. She didn't even finish her course because apparently she got bullied and gave up on being a teacher. So now she's working at a fast food chain store and waiting for her boss to promote her after like a whole year. Now she's complaining that I'm not hanging out with her and that I always wear her clothes and that I'm being selfish and that she can't spend time with her friends anymore. WELL YOU WERE THE ONE THAT WAS LIKE 'GET A JOB'. I was fucking studying my ass away and trying hard to get accepted into university - I had my EXAMS. You didn't even take any exams in high school!!! I'm wearing your fucking slutty clothes because I was studying so much last year and I didn't have time to fucking spend time to go shopping and hang out with your friends because I was getting an education and not slacking away. You had the whole of last year and the beginning of this year to hang out with your friends and now you're blaming me that you don't get enough time with your friends?!?! I only work on the weekends! You have the rest of the week to hang out with your friends then!

She didn't even support me going to university and told me to get more work experience instead like WHAT THE HELL?! An education is so damn important in this society and everybody needs at least a degree to just get a great job. The only person who even supports me is my half sister which is actually so surprising and she actually helps me and gives me tips for university and supports me to get an education and even told me it would be hard to struggle with a job and university. LIKE SHE KNOWS WHATS GOING ON - She actually finished university with a degree.

Then my mum is fucking annoying me so damn much. I don't think my family even understands the workload and the meaning of an assignment. She thinks all we get is like homework that we can finish the day we get it. Uhh no bitch, an assignment takes several weeks. WAIT - I mean ASSIGNMENTSSSSSS!!!! I have four different classes which means four different assignments!! I do not have time to help you wash the dishes, mop the floors, clean the bathroom, water the fucking huge gardens and take the trash out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I need to do my readings, study, do my assignments, do research and have my own free time and sleep as well. I also need to cook for myself because all the food you make is always the same and I'm sick of eating the same noodles every single day. Not only that but you and my sister whinge and complain every single damn day about something. I'm sick of it and you should stop immediately and stop shouting as well if you don't want me to shout back. You guys suck.

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