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 I went to the Fremantle Street Arts Festival (FSAF?) on Saturday with a group of friends and there were heaaapps of people there. I went with a huge group of people from my high school so we kept on getting seperated as there were more than twelve people! So amidst the waiting and trying to get back together - I suggested to my best friend, Sarah's boyfriend, Kirk to street snap me! (Like they do on This was the result! It actually looks like one of those street snaps!! Apart from my fail attempt at being fashionable! My friend, Anaya, looked much more fashionable than me but someone tried to photobomb while Kirk was taking the photo :(

I was wearing: a jumper from dotti, a dress from a no-brand shop, pink flatforms from the no-brand shop, tattoo tights from ebay (Universe), socks from target and ahcahcum muchacha cat bag.

I don't know why it looks black but my dress is actually blue (velvet blue dress)

I also got a, might I add - a much needed, haircut! Before, my hair was a mess. Nonono I'm not exaggerating! It was literally a mess, even the hairdresser said so. 

It took me more than 10 minutes just to brush my hair before. The only time I would even brush my hair was after I had taken a shower because that was the only time I could actually brush it. However, starting the end of last year - even when it was wet I could not completely brush it through without there being a knot and tangling everywhere! Also, my hair had been bleached three times due my attempt at getting lilac hair (and failing) and also I dyed it a plum colour after I wanted to get rid of the orange colour from the bleach PLUS the fact that I had been growing it out since year 9. So my hair was seriously damaged due to the fact that I wanted to grow it out past my chest area and the fact that I just bleached the heck out of it! 

So a haircut followed! But where do I find inspiration/reference for my new haircut? TUMBLR of course! This is when I fell in love with Kiko Mizuhara and her bob hair! She is absolutely stunning and I will killl just to be her but unfortunately that is not of now. 
I showed this photo to my hairdresser but asked to make it a tad longer.

So I went to my favourite hair salon - OnC Studio It's really difficult for me to find a really good hairdresser place as I am absolutely so picky and they never ever seem to get my hair right. I used to dread going to get my haircut because they always ended up making it look absolutely ridiculous and then I'd cry and try to make it all better by straightening it or something! Then my mum let me grow out my hair so I told myself to never get a haircut ever again. So I didn't get any major haircuts for three years and even if I went to the hairdressers I only told them to trim just a teeny little bit or mention that I was growing out my hair every few minutes. 
One of the hairdressers I went to was OnC and I told them I wanted to get rid of the split ends, layers and fringe - mentioning again that I was growing out my hair. However, OH MY GOODNESS, everything was perfect. It felt light and they helped me straighten my hair and I loved it so much. I went there again with my best friend, Yun, to get our fringes cut and AGAIN it was exactly what I wanted. So I went with confidence to OnC and I was totally not disappointed yet again. It ended up being exactly what I wanted. you can see (or not) my hair is all a giant big mess.

lol my shadow looks weird
 The hairdresser helped me straighten it as Kiko's hair is naturally straight but I think I like it more when it curls at the ends as it looks more natural & he took a really long time straightening my hair - I don't think I'm that high maintenance to do that! So I wet the bottom parts of my hair. It feels so much lighter than before and I can actually run my fingers through my hair now! (I know right!) I love how I can messy it up and it won't become a huge frizzy mess and the split ends won't distract me during the day as I can hardly even see the ends of my hair unless I turn my head really down. I love it so much and that's weird because I haven't had short hair since year 7 or 8 and I hated my hair back then so much.

I'm trying to grow out my fringe now so that it's the same length as the rest of my hair. I hope I won't find some photo of a girl with straight bangs and suddenly have the urge to cut my fringe again because that ALWAYS happens.

Looking back, it literally took me 3-4 years to grow my hair out to the length I had before. Back in year 9, I remember going on soompi forums and browsing through all the 'grow my hair' challenges and 'how to grow hair faster' topics as I reallllyyy wanted long hair like all those beautiful kpop stars and ulzzangs. So I was so determined to grow out my hair so I could do hair flips and look feminine and beautiful. Little did I know - having long hair was so stressful and hard work. I went through a bottle of conditioner so quickly! Summer was horrible and I needed to find hair ties to tie up my hair so I always put it up in a bun (my hair always tangled so everything was just stressful)  and all the sweat went onto my hair and it took hours for it to dry. I don't think I'd ever grow my hair as long as I had ever again.

 I'm at the point where I find short hair and bobs to be more attractive than long hair but anyways - if you want to grow your hair out. Just don't cut it at all. Don't worry about it too much. Year 11 and 12 - everything was about exams so I didn't even care about my hair at all and I was surprised over how much it grew without me noticing. You need absolute patience.

 The worst hair length is medium length and that's why year 9 I was stressing so much about it because when you're right in the middle of growing your hair out and it's not long enough but it can't be considered short enough too.

This post ended up being really long. Sorry. Bye.


  1. your outfit is so cute and i love your hair c: i got a fringe cause of those kfashion pictures of girls w/ straight fringes and it didn't come out that great ;___; but maybe it will when it grows out ^^

  2. thanks! :D the same thing happened to me and it turned out to be horrible on me because all those k-fashion girls have minuscule faces and pretty features whilst i didn't ;__; and i'm really low maintenance so i didn't style my bangs!

    i'm also in the process of growing it out! hopefully i don't get the urge to cut it into straight bangs again ^^
    good luck!