Oh ... Wow...Year 11...Lovely!

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Year 11 started off with a BANG! Not one of the teachers I had, had a discussion of 'how the holidays went' or 'let's introduce yourself' No siree, they immediately started handing out course outlines and telling you that year 11 is going to be much more stricter because of the new principal.

Yes...that totally makes us feel so much better indeed. It just feels as if we didn't even have the holidays and totally just get into school work because on the first day I was handed...an assignment. Third day? Assignment and 2 worksheets and 7 pages of homework which totally stressed me out so much.

This year will probably be exactly the same as last year - the usual...boring, unexciting, misery-filled and stressful year. My life is so boring sometimes I wonder if I should just totally lie on this blog and talk about this new made up life I have in my mind. You know...like it's filled with exciting dramas and funny teachers and girls who fall in love but then something exciting happens that stops them. Then people can quote it like it's in the movies so it'll be like totally AMAZING.

But no, sadly...no.
Life is just boring as.

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