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It was my birthday on the 8th so I wanted to share some photos from my surprise party! :D

My birthday is actually on the 8th but they had the surprise party on the 5th :D 

So, the day started with me, my sister and my friend - Jessica going to Wooldridges to get some school books because I changed school subjects and such. Then after that we went to Karrinyup and thats where I got really suspicious!

They weren't acting normal because usually they'd be like looking around for stuff and buying items but that day they were both looking at me and what I was looking at. They kept on whispering and going on 'Oh, I think she'd like that' and 'Oh but I don't think...' and when I looked at some bracelets they kept smiling to each other.

That was at Forever New and something really funny there happened there too. There was this really pretty, blonde, tall sales girl. I was like looking at the dresses for the River Cruise and I was checking if there was only umm...any of those fluffy stuff that ballerinas have under their skirts. Then the sales was looking at me weirdly and I got bored of looking really quickly since I'm not really a shopping person. So I went outside but then I went back in again. Then...I found USAMIMI!!!

Basically it's the headband in these photos:

They look like bunny ears :)

Anyhoo, I was deciding whether to buy it or not since it was pretty expensive for some wire and fabric. I dropped my red packet of $100 which Mumsies gave me for CNY and for my birthday. Then the sales girl was like 'Are you okay? Do you need any help?' and I was like 'Um, yeah...just looking.' I think she thought I was going to steal something because she kept on looking at me and walking around the area I was after that! So I bought it so I didn't seem like a thief. 

Then after that went to Miss Maud to have lunch except I already ate before I went shopping so I wasn't exactly hungry. Then we went back home and Mandy and Jessica said they needed to go somewhere and they'll pick me back up when it's 4 (which is when my friend - Rebecca asked me to go to her house).... My sister, Mandy, called and said that she was in Landsdale and she's coming now. Landsdale is where my friend - Rebecca lives. Coincident much?

When it was finally 4 ~ Mandy picked me up and made up a lame excuse that my friend's mum invited her to the house. Which gives me another clue that it's a party because how the hell did my friend's mum tell her that she could come over? Isn't that a bit weird? That just means that Mandy was at my friend's house before. LOL, FAIL. I was trying not to laugh because I was totally definitely sure what it was at that time. 

So awkward going into her house ~ trying NOT to laugh. When I went outside, everyone was like SURPRISE!!!!

Here are some photos:

Birthday cake. Coraline inspired ~ note the buttons and thread and needle.

Rebecca (her house) and me

Jessica, me (doing Kumicky's pose XD) and Sarah (with bbbuttoned eyes)

Nicole, Me and Sarah.
Blue Pink Blue :D

Ashleigh and Me

Mel, Me and Emily

Sarah GF and Me. Ahhhaa totally not looking at her chest.
She kept on turning my usamimi into a bow so that's why it
looks weird :/

Gabby and ME

Me and Sharon


Birthday Cake


  1. happy birthday to you and the head band is so cute!

    btw, check out my contest/giveaway if you're interested http://www.fruitylashes.com

  2. that cake looks so yummy! HBD btw (:

    p.s. i hate SA's that stare at you like you can't afford anything/gonna steal too -_____-'' so rude la~