Kimi ni Todoke ED Kimi ni Todoke - May's Lyrics / Translation

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douka ima dake wa furimukanaide
please don't look at me right now

yuugare sawagu kaze
the sun's set, the wind's blowing

furesouna kyouri
and we're so close that we can almost touch

kimi wo mitsumeteru zutto
my gaze has always been fixed on you

kimi ga suki de
i like you

kimi ga suki de
i've always liked you

kono omoi koi demo ii
i don't mind if this emotion is what they call is love

kizu tsuitero ii
and i don't care if i get hurt by it

nando demo tsutaetai
i just want to tell you, over and over again

kimi ni todoke
i want to reach you

Oh my gosh, hands up to whoever LOVES this song! 
I am absolutely gobsmacked at how I can relate to this song ...
Or well how I could relate to this song if I liked someone right now
This song is absolutely beautiful!
I really can't wait to hear the full version of Sawakaze 爽風 by Tomofumi Tanizawa!!
No offence to anyone who disagrees BUT -
I reckon the second season's OP & ED are like 1000000000x way more better than first seasons! far I'm loving season 1 episodes because it's so sweet.
Second season is like so sad ~ so many misinterpretations and everything.
Damnit! I want to read the manga so badly right now but I don't have enough money!


  1. You can always read the manga online!!!

  2. yea i can't wait for the full ver of Sawakaze too ^^ even though the 2nd season is sad, but they're still so cutee~

  3. i tried mangafox and they've licensed it D: do you know anywhere else? thanks :)

    and yesss!!! i want sawakaze as well >< and and and i agree that they're all super adorable!

  4. You can read it on ^^ It is soooo sweet... But well, I don't want to spoil so just go and enjoy by yourself ^o^
    I love this ending, the lyrics are really great.

  5. I looove this song so bad! this is the sweetest song I've ever heard!
    This is the real translation? coz there are so many different translations out there! And I'm looking for the real one haha :)

  6. Me!!! I love this song so much!!! Thanks for sharing the lyrics~