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I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the Japan tsunami by now...
So...wow, if you've watched the news - you'd know about how LARGE the disaster was.
It was honestly...horrible and heartbreaking.
Even though I'm glad that the japanese exchange students we had last year are completely safe -
but it's still really saddening that thousands and thousands of people are confirmed dead or missing.
And a lot of the japanese exchange students had friends and family in Tokyo so I hope they won't be worried and that their friends and family will all be safe.

I hope everyone can help support Japan and hopefully they can rebuild again,
hopefully the people who have lost family and friends will regain their strength,
hopefully everyone can help contribute and continue to pray for Japan.

I know this is really late but it's just been really sad,
and here I am just looking around and nothing ever happens here
and I'm just so glad - it's good the way it is.

Thank you to everyone who donated~~!!!!

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