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Currently sneezing non-stop (I think I've caught the flu?) and listening to Lisa Mitchell's 'Coin Laundry' whilst freezing to death over Perth's winter weather. I thought I would blog for the night, but I honestly haven't got a topic to add!

My life has actually been quite boring since exams finished - apart from working 4 nights a week, I've done nothing new. Oh! Except I'm getting new eye glasses and sunglasses in the upcoming weeks. The thing is, when I originally set off to get the frames I chose these two pairs:

Then as I went back for my appointment, the sales lady told me that she would not recommend these pairs to me as the frames didn't have nose pads (Asian flat nose syndrome) so they would sit on my cheeks and they would be too heavy and whatnot. The thing is - I've been wearing my current two eye glasses and both frames don't have nose pads and they both sit on my cheeks. I've had no problems with them and I don't mind at all. It's all really personal preference.

I was super annoyed when she suggested other frames to buy and she chose all these super ugly frames which made me look unflattering. Especially the sunglasses - all of them were super ugly. She chose these metal ones which weren't stylish at all. When I finally told her that I would be keeping the sunglass frames she kept on asking me if I was really sure I wanted these - it got super annoying and made me mad. I just don't get it, I think I would know what I like and I've been wearing glasses for the majority of my life - I think I understand what I like and dislike. I've had those nose pad pieces before and they didn't even help - they made my eyes and nose hurt and they ended up sliding down anyways. They also get dirty quickly and they turn into a really disgusting shade if they're not cleaned properly. I'm so low maintenance! Then you end up getting pimples on your nose area. 

Anyways, I ended up getting these frames in the end:

Yah, they do have nose pads.

Also, there's only 21 days left until I set off for my Melbourne Trip with my sister and my best friend! We're horrible at planning so we're just going to do stuff and plan along the way when we arrive haha. I hope we don't run out of money soon! I'm super excited because this is the first time I'm traveling with a friend and first time not with my parents. Maybe next time I'll actually travel with just my friend and I or JUST BY MYSELF!

It's also 39 days until I get my Invisalign braces off which I'm pretty stoked about and I feel like I've been smiling and laughing more freely now. It's funny how my self-confidence has improved along with my teeth. It's the little things that help my confidence grow. My teeth used to be so horrible that I would only just smile with my mouth closed.

Here are some photos of what I've been up to recently:

$27 for this truffled mushroom dish at the Beaufort Merchant isn't exactly worth it. I left feeling half full :(

Celebrating my friend, Danae's birthday, by having a breakfast at the Beaufort St. Merchant. 

Catch ups with my best friend at the Beach Shack for lunch before discussing our Melbourne Trip.

The New York Cheesecake at San Churro's IS SO GOOD!!! I think I'm just going to get the cakes next time I go because it is so good. 

Celebrating my colleague, Mandy's birthday, at Sinabro after we've all finished work. We had korean bbq. It was delicious and my first time going. 

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