The Paper Kites

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If you didn't know already, it's currently exam week/s in Australia and I had a total of three exams with two of them on the same day! I had Accounting, Economics and Business Information Systems! It has been an extremely stressful week and I wanted to end it by going to The Paper Kites concert here in Perth at the Western Australian Art Gallery. This was on the 19th of June.

After I had finished my last exam at 4:30pm, I went back home to get changed/charge my phone and switch my bag so I didn't need to bring all of my study notes. Then I went to the train station to catch the train at 6:30pm and was just about to reach the Perth train station when it suddenly stopped! The doors wouln't open for a good solid one minute and everyone was just crowding and standing around the train doors. The driver announced that something had happened and that it would take some time to solve it. So, there I was - trapped in a train - so close to my destination and the concert was starting at 8pm!

I swear I was on the train for a good half an hour before they announced they were going back to the last train station! It was already 7:30 around this time and the train was supposed to arrive at Perth at 6:53pm! I was honestly getting claustrophobic and worried that I would miss the concert. My friend, Paige, was already inside the Artbar and she was all by herself and I hungry and thirsty all by myself with these strangers. 

As we were dropped off at the train station, we got off, and they didn't tell us whether there would be a train replacement bus so everyone was extremely confused over where to go. I just followed this lady and waited at the bus stop. 10 minutes already passed and there were more people waiting but no train replacement bus so I called my sister (mind you, my phone was running on 15% battery) and she came to pick me up at 8pm!!! 

I arrived at the artbar at 8:10pm and I managed to make it on time???!! WHAT THE FUCK. I am extremely shocked at how I managed to make it on time! 

Sam Bentley looked right into my camera

Drummer boy, Josh Bentley, is kinda cute

You might recognize them more when you listen to this song: 

The best part of the night was when they played my friend and I's favourite songs - A Make Of My Time!! Which is this one:

And we fangirled really loudly and Josh Bentley smiled at us HAHAHHAHAHA. Happiest moment of my life (my day was going dreadful til this point what with exams and getting stuck in a train). I really wish I could have taken more photos from the night but my battery was dying and I had to use my friend's phone just to get someone to pick me up. The trains had stopped operating. All in all, one of the worst days of my lives ended up being a pretty good night :)

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