Eyes, Nose, Lips

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I am SO in love with TABLO X TAEYANG's Eyes, Nose, Lips' cover right now! I actually like it way more than the original. 
"they say that time flies, but you keep breaking its wings"

 Anyways, it's the 1st of July already! How fast did time pass?! So far this year I've just been completing my second year, semester one of university. I managed to finally get my driver's license which is a major achievement on my part haha even though I should have achieved it like 2 years ago! Actually, nothing has even changed that much from last year and I'm wondering if it should. I should probably get another job to get some marketing work experience. I should also aim to finish 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami - I've only just started the second book of the trilogy :( and then I suddenly stopped and it's been piling dust somewhere in my room. I also want to earn a lot more money this year and hopefully travel to places like Singapore and Japan by the end of this year!

People keep asking me why I'm not dating - actually my co-workers have been asking me that since last year!! I just tell them I'm not currently looking for a relationship and I really haven't! I just don't put any effort into seeking a relationship as I like being cooped up in my room (especially in Winter where I'm perfectly fine under my warm blanket) and playing Sims 3 (or blogging like I am doing right now). I think my mum has been hinting at me to be in a relationship as well haha because every time it's just me and her together she always ends up talking/giving me advice about love relationship stuff which I still find to be awkward coming from her. Yiiikkkeess!

Today (Tuesday) is usually my parent's day off - so we decided to go all the way to South Perth, Bull Creek specifically, to this Hong Kong styled restaurant which I've forgotten the name of. It was so cute and unique! It was upstairs and the restaurant was nicely decorated. Definitely a mix of coffee shop style and Hong Kong tea cafe style.

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