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I was in my Accounting class the other day and we were Googling out names when I chanced upon this blog and my friends were scrolling through my blog. They were laughing about how little photos my blog had so it sort of motivated me to update my blog with more photos.

14 April 2014

For breakfast, my sister and I went to Sorrento Beach Shack and I was especially craving juice so I ordered the watermelon and orange juice. The juice was the best part of the meal. The breakfast was really heavy for me and I usually don't eat that much breakfast so I couldn't really finish it. The baguette was really hard and the bacon was really greasy so I didn't enjoy it that much. That's why I liked the juice so much because the meal was so oily and heavy for the morning and the juice balanced it out.

16 April 2014

The boy with the apple

The 16th of April was the day I passed my driving test. I had invited two of my friends out to watch a screening of 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' and really, it could've gone two ways. Either I would've failed and been depressed the whole day whilst watching the Grand Budapest or the way the day ended up being - really happy and talk all about how we passed our driving test. I didn't really tell that many people since all of my other friends had passed their driving test already :--(

The movie was really quirky and fun. I enjoyed it a lot and thought that the story was entertaining but certainly sad and nostalgic by the end of the film. I rate it 4 out of 5 stars! 

22 April 2014

The 22nd of April was the day my best friend, Yun, invited me out to have a Korean lunch at her place as her international university friends were coming by her house for the first time. They had never had home-made Korean food before so Yun invited them over to her house and also showed them around Hillarys and showed them some Australian kangaroos at a memorial. 

We have beef bulgogi and pork bulgogi and kimchi chigae and also seven side dishes. I was extremely full by the end of the meal. We also went on rides at Hillarys and we all screamed our heads off and laughed and became excited over some kangaroos. 

6 May 2014

I'm currently taking an Accounting class, which I really hate as the material is super confusing, but I've managed to become good friends with my Accounting group which is super rare because I don't think I've become so close with anyone else in my group assignments in any of my other units. So I'm really blessed to have such a great group. We usually do our work in the library but that Tuesday we were craving bubble tea so we ended up walking to the Plaza to get some bubble tea and ended up doing our workbooks there.

 Mother's Day was also coming up around the corner so I decided to get my Mum some Pandora earrings and some L'Occitane handcream which came in a box of three. They all smelled so good - I wish I had bought them for myself!
Got her the purple ones in the middle right!

Had CHINESE for dinner

Hope y'all had a good Mother's Day

9 May 2014

After Accounting class, on a Friday, we decided to ditch our lecture class and leave our sick boyfriend behind to go SHOPPING (like all girls do). My friend, Brianna, drove us all the way to Carousel. Mind you, she is one of the most skilled manual-drivers I know of. Not that I know many though - all of my friends drive automatic. 

After we arrived at Carousel, we decided on what to have for lunch and all decided on having burgers at Grill'd . I ordered the Simon Says - which is a chicken burger with avocado, chicken breast, crispy trim bacon, herbed mayo, salad and relish. It was delish! We also ordered some hot chips and sweet potato chips which were both amazing as well. 

I really have no idea what I'm doing here haha


After lunch, we went shopping. Joline had bought a really nice Mickey Mouse hat which I thought was pretty sweet and we proved to Brianna that we couldn't suit beanies but then she taught us how to properly put on a beanie haha :--) It was such a fun day and I will miss it so much when our Accounting assignment finishes and we won't be able to have an excuse to hang out after classes.

I probably also wear that denim jacket way too much.

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