Define; normcore

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I tranced upon an article on Vogue about the fashion term 'normcore' today. To put it simply, normcore means:
  • a collective, neutral blandness 
  • anti-fashion and anti-trends
  • it seeks the freedom that comes with non-exclusivity
  • anonymous, detail-free design
  • self-aware, stylized blandness
Taken/Read more from here and here.

I'm not sure if these could be classified as normcore but here are some images which I believe fit into the category. 

I really feel like my fashion style right now fits into the normcore 'trend' but it could really just be an overall ~ I'm a university student whose too lazy and poor to be fashionable ~ style. I usually opt for black jeans and a plain white shirt or a jumper now that it's getting colder over here. Then I just match it up with my sneakers and I'm set. I am assuming that's what it means to be 'normcore,' but I could be totally wrong.

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