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Neglect. verb1.
fail to care for properly.

Is probably the word that sums up with blog right now.

It also probably sums up my current life right now as well.
I feel so neglected! Yet at the same time I feel like I'm neglecting everything and everyone. I'm such an introvert at heart and I've been trying my hardest to socialise with everyone but the more I seem to socialise the more distant I think I'm becoming with everyone. I feel like I'm boring everyone with my speech and I just wish I was more entertaining and I feel like my friends aren't my friends anymore. I rarely even talk to them but the thing is - I don't really have anything to say to them anymore? We don't hang out anymore. I'm watching everyone else's life going smoothly and they're going out with their friends or significant other and having the best time. Their life is on track. Whereas all I've been doing is just university assignments and working while making small talk with as much people as I possibly can.

The phenomenon of 'likes' is annoying me so much. Its like a like = how many friends you have/how many people care about you. I hate it so much yet I'm in that downward spiral and it's so hard to get out. How is it possible that I can only get 5 likes and my friend posts the same photo and she gets 65 likes. What happened to karma? What goes around, comes around? Where did all of my friends go? Why don't they like my photo? I know it sounds completely insane to think this but its annoying me so much. I thought they were my friends?

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