The Number 34

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I was watching Laina's video the other day, she's also known as Overly Attached Girlfriend (OAG), about the Number 20 and it got me thinking about my creepy number. However, I didn't realise it until today that I had a creepy number. My creepy number is 34/43 or 3&4.

Here is Laina's video:

So I went to the driving center today to request for an ID card because it's really inconvenient without one. I can't get into bars, clubs, get a new phone, get a new bank account without it. I had to fill in some forms and that's when I realised that both of my contact numbers have the number '34' in them. My mobile number (9134) and home number (9343) and so it reminded me of Laina's video. Might I add that today is also the 12th of April (1+2 = 3) (0+4 = 4)

So then when me and my sister went to have lunch, I was browsing through my cards in my wallet and it struck me that both of my student cards, my university student number (4243) and my high school number (7346) both have 3 & 4 in them. What really scared me was when I added up my birthday and it added up to 34. My birthday is the 8th of February 1995 by the way so it's 2+8+1+9+9+5 = 34. When I realised that, I told my sister who was in the driver's seat next to me and a truck was driving up next to her at the traffic lights. Guess what the truck's number plate was? 534

After I told her about my birthday and the number 34, I went to change the song that we were listening to and it was playing at exactly 1 minute and 34 seconds into the song.

Guess what just happened...I was watching this video when I realised something.
34. 34. 34. 34. EVERYWHERE!!!

Maybe I'm just being paranoid or maybe the number 34 just follows me around everywhere. Maybe everyone has a creepy number. Perhaps it's just a coincidence? I'm not sure but let me know if you've discovered you have a creepy number too!


I also realised that our new car's number plate is 843 and the bus I take everyday on the way to the train station/university is 344. Also our house address is 7 (3+4 = 7). Will keep this updated if I find anymore of these!


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  2. Okay, this is scary. D: