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I haven't posted since the beginning of this year and sitting down in front of my laptop and spending some quality time writing down some feeeels have made me miss properly 'blogging' (not Tumblr blogging which consists of 99.99% of me reblogging).

So, I won't ramble on on what I've been doing this past year because none of that really matters as it was mostly just me adjusting to university life and finding out the perils of relationships post high-school.

In the meantime, I just wanted to tell you that I'm heading off to Hong Kong in exactly 3 days! I just have to tackle my final exam tomorrow and I'm set for vacay! I am extremely excited as I haven't been back in almost 4 years! The last time I was there was back in January 2010. I'm going to be in Hong Kong for 1 month exactly but I'll also be touring around in Taiwan for 5 days! I've never been to Taiwan but should be exciting (I've heard there's a Krispy Kreme shop opening up in December which is PERFECT as I am long overdue for one of their donuts).

Another exciting thing is that as I'm eighteen now and more independent, I don't mind travelling by myself in the city instead of following my mum around to the smelly markets where she finds pleasure in picking out fruits and vegetables. I can now properly explore the metropolitan nightlife!! First stop: American Apparel!

Here are some fashion inspiration I am trying to opt for when shopping for pieces in Hong Kong!

I love how she pulls of the whole 'one colour' outfit! I'm bringing two oxblood coloured pieces with me to Hong Kong and so hopefully I can pull it off just like her.

I absolutely love Ju Xiao Wen! I love how most of her outfit consists of black except the shirt and she balances it out with the white on her shoes. 

 I'm more of a person that likes the whole plain and simple kind of outfit like the one above and the ones below. I find that neutral colours like black, grey, white and denim blue suit me more than bright colours. Which could also explain why I love Winter fashion way more than Summer fashion.

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