OBSESSED: Bob's Burgers & Legend of Korra

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So, basically it's the holidays and so I've been wasting time doing....stuff.
What have I been watching to waste this precious time?


They are so awesome, I feel all fangirly just watching any episode. I've finished both seasons for Bob's Burgers and the first season for the Legend of Korra and can't wait for the second.

I just need to rant out my fangirlism over here and it's just uh- why doesn't anyone understand? None of my friends watch Bob's Burgers or The Legend of Korra so I can't even talk about it to someone. I recently just finished The Last Airbender as well! Ugh, my feels - they are everywhere and uncontrollable!

So far, my favourite characters from The Legend of Korra are: Lin Beifong, Tenzin, Meelo and Asami. I'm not really liking Korra and Mako as much so therefore I DO NOT ACCEPT MAKORRA!

I hope they break up.
For Bob's Burgers - I just love everyone. They just make me laugh so much and omg I don't even know. Oh wait, I just thought of one - Linda's annoying sister. Man I hate her so much. I think she's the only hateable character ahah.

I love Louise, I think she's my favourite character. She's just so quirky and hilarious. I think, however, Tina is most like me everyday and Louise is like the me when I'm so tired I get high.

Tina is always on the floor.

Tina being socially awkward

Tina being Tina

Me after finishing the Legend of Korra

The reason why I don't like Makorra so much

I am so impatient. I just want season 3 of Bob's Burgers and season 2 of the Legend of Korra so I can watch instead of moping around and reblogging all these gifs of them.

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