Took Bae Kee 2, Vivid City + Sims 3

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I went to the city today with my friend, Faith as we haven't been together in such a long time. In my case, I haven't been to the city for months as I have stopped working at Hungry Jacks!

We met up at the train station, and I was running really late and felt bad because I had already pushed the meeting time to 10:30 instead of 10. All was well though.

When we stepped onto the train, all the seats were filled up or only single seats were available so we decided to sit in the Prority seats. Then we reached a couple more stations and there were two old ladies who entered and so I quickly moved out of the way and sat elsewhere. Elsewhere meaning a single seat next to some foreigner who was speaking in a different language.

Then we set off to our friend Emily's store because Faith has never been there and apparently there is a new store in the back of Emily's family's store. So we went to visit Vivid City which is the name of the store and is similar to Morning Glory. They sell a lot of Korean Pop merchandise like albums, posters, cups and keyrings. They also sell cosmetics, stationary, accessories, phone cases and bags. Me and Faith bought matching hair clips. Mine was pink and hers was a mint blue colour. 

Inside Vivid City after buying hairclips
Then we went to Took Bae Kee 2 which is a Korean lunch BBQ restaurant where we had lunch, actually my first meal, and we ordered three dishes. We actually managed to finish them all - all three of us! 

~~Our Meal~~

Taking pictures of Emily's disgusting/messy eating area

We ordered two plates of meat - one with bones and the other without bones. They were really good! We also ordered this hot and spicy soup with egg, tofu and beef. It was OK, it tasted really bland but I couldn't really taste it until it cooled down since it was really hot and spicy. It was really bland compared to my beloved kimchi chigae. We also had Aloe Vera as our drink.

It was really funny because we saw the drinks menu and all of us ordered for an aloe vera drink but then the waitress told us that it was actually just a really large bottle. Imagine that! All three of us having three 1L of Aloe Vera! We couldn't even finish that one large bottle between the three of us. It was really nice though! 

Emily had to leave after lunch to help her mum with their shop. So it was just me and Faith wandering around the shops. We went to various of different places to look at the clothes but everything was so expensive. That's when we wandered into EB GAMES!!!!! This was the best part of our whole day! Me and Faith are like the best of Sims 3 fans. So when we saw that Sims 3 EPs and Stuff packs were on sale - we immediately bought them. The EPs were all only $19!!!!!  The stuff packs (excluding Katy Perry's Sweet Treats) were only $9. That's a really low price compared to what they usually are priced at!

The things I bought today

The next stop was at Utopia where Faith bought us 'Winter Love Milk Tea with Chocolate Sago' which she has never tried before but I have so I recommended it to her. She doesn't like it though :( 

We did take lots of photos though! We tested out the functions on my camera! 

Faith on her iPhone, the guy behind her tried to photobomb


Trying out the sparkle feature on my camera

Trying out the vignette feature on my camera
And then we went to other shops to browse around but didn't find anything worthy of buying or interesting enough. We decided to have sushi after but Faith's mum, who was taking us home, told us that she would be coming to Greenwood station to pick us up. So we quickly caught the train without even finishing our sushi. I feel really bad now, Faith paid for the majority of my lunches today. :(

Back at home, I tried to install Sims 3 Showtime but then my computer stuffed up the original Sims 3 game and now everything is LOOOSSTTTT?!?!!?!! Yeah, so I decided to blog about my day. I don't know whether today has been a bad day or a good day but I can't play Sims 3 :<

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