03:16 Cyndi 2 Comments

Sherlock Holmes is a tad better than AVATAR.

I would rewatch Sherlock Holmes but for some reason I wouldn't do the same for AVATAR.
I want to see how he disguises again, so funny.
My sister didn't even recognize him!!
(Beggar and Doctor)
And I love how he solves the case at the end.
And everyone loves Rachel McAdams :)


  1. Yeah, I liked Sherlock Holmes a lot better than Avatar too. I think it's because while I really liked Avatar, I think it was for its awesome 3d-ness, and how amazing the planet and people looked rather than for its actual story and what happened. Sherlock Holmes was just more my sort of genre heh (:

  2. YAY for sherlock holmes!!!!

    100% agree with you!!!!