God of Study Episode 1 [review]

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Being a fan of T-ara and huge fan of korean drama, I am going to start blogging about God of Study!!!
Not only does it have T-ara's Ji yeon (Bo Peep Bo Peep!!!), has incredibly cute/good looking guys >< and gets me into the mood of stating school!!! (Impossible,, but still...)

Anyways, I will type no more.... here's the trailer if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Episode 1

The beginning looks really good, so this lawyer dude gets told about this school that's about to go bankrupt. Apparently he use to go to that school and doesn't really care about it much. His friend tells him about this school and how it's really stupid, rebellious and all.

Then the delivery guy with bad attitude and behaviour asks for money and the lawyer tells him off.

For revenge, the delivery dude grafitti's on the lawyer's motorbike.

Next day, they meet again and they race....
Thats when the lawyer guy sees a girl ripping up her test paper (she got 25%)
Then he first sees the stupid school for the first time....

The school is gonna close down!!!!
What's going to happen? All the teachers are shocked.
The the lawyer dude enters the scene with his bag.

The class teacher of Jiyeon's ^^ tells the lawyer guy that he must save the school.
She doesn't want the students to be seperated from their friends.

The lawyer guy sees that the school is really loud and messy and there's fights going on.
Inside the classroom there's fights, people jumping on desks, playing guitar on top of the desks.

Flashback of lawyer guy's school life.
The principal tells the lawyer that she didn't want to be the principal but her father wanted to keep the school alive so she was forced. She doesn't care about the school at all...

As he walks out, a student spits at him.

The neighbours shout at the students..

Then comes the student profiles!!!!
My favourite part because I can finally see Jiyeon and musical guy ^_________^
So cute xD

Hwang Baek Hyun
As he returns back home he see his grandmother talking to some guy (obviously they know him)
That leads them into a big fight because they nearly have no where to live because of him?

They're obiously very poor since they can only afford chicken for dinner.
The grandmother wants him to study hard and go into some University.
He's very kind and very nice to his grandmother!! ^___^

Oh Bong Goo
He likes to study, parents own a restuarant.
His parents want him to be in charge of the restaurant.
They tell him that no matter how hard he studies it is no use since he is going to be in charge of the restaurant.

Hong Chan Doo <33333
Adorable!!! Okay, anyways, he's a dancer.
Think he's rich...


His mum supports his dancing but his father wants him to study.
So they have to lie......
But unlike some stereotypical fathers in dramas he doesn't show his angriness.
And asks why he isn't at school, studying..in which Chan Doo replies:


And he leaves...ahahah
Then as he's about to leave he receives a call from....

Na Hyun Jung
Who threatens him if he doesnt come with her or something?
I think she's trying to make Baek Hyun jealous or something.
Chan Doo tells her he's busy but then she says she will tell his father about his guitar.
(You can clearly hear Bo Peep Bo Peep in the background!!!)


The next profile...

So her mum is flirting with her uncle and she has to greet him?
I already know what kind of mum she already is -_-


Gil Pul Ip I feel sorry for you...(love her name)
As she's trying to study her mum and uncle are karaoking....
She resolves by putting on headphones and listening to her iPod

Doesn't work... Poor Pul Ip D:

Next scene is my two favourites!!! YAY!!!!
Hyun Jung & Chan Doo visit Baek Hyun's house but Baek Hyun out jogging.
His grandmother asks why Hyun Jung clings onto him when he doesn't like her.
Then his grandmother asks Hyun Jung what she bought for him today.
Hyun Jung says no and.....Chan Doo snickers!!!!

Trust me, it looks totally hotter/cuter when you watch it!!!!


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