New Years Resolutions

02:08 Cyndi 2 Comments

I have disappeared for quite a while . . .
Because I was in Beijing!!! ^^

So I spent New Years in a 5 star hotel room watching the Dark Knight.
Anyways here are my New Years Resolution from last year:
(Old blog)

Let's see....I only acheived 5/18 resolutions.

So I'll make my new years resolutions for this year these:

1. Get better grades
2. Blog More
3. Grow hair until it is long
4. Have a clean face (meaning blackhead/pimple - less face =,,=)

Okay, that's all.


  1. Nice picture!

    Yes, I reckon your 2010 resolutions are much more useful and achievable than last year's.

  2. LOL useful and achievable
    XD XD XD