My Letter to a Speedy Driver

20:07 Cyndi 1 Comments

To: the Crazy, swearing, fast driving, fat ,blonde, lady in small (ugly!) car

You may never get the chance to read this nor do I want you to but I write this because your behaviour and attitude towards us Asians and our perfect driving skills is horrible.

We had just visited our friend and was driving perfectly fine until you speeded up right behind our car and started beeping at us for no particular reason. As I looked behind right after you beeped at us you wanted to overtake us even though we were in a single road line? Then you started swearing at us! I may not be a lip-reader but I certainly saw you mouthing the F word right at us.

My mum was driving perfectly fine at the right speed. As we passed the traffic light, you swivelled into the second road line looking at us, still swearing, and managed to drive right past us. We could even hear the car going vroom as the km per hour thingie went up. I'm pretty sure it was 60 km p/hr and yet that time you could have been going 90 km p/hr.

What was the point of driving so fast when you had to stop at the traffic light anyways? Have you been watching television or at least been hearing the radio? DO NOT SPEED. Heck, I haven't been in Australia for five weeks and I know this. Have you recently heard of the death of the teenagers who were in an accident because somebody sped? If you were really in a rush then perhaps you should organise more carefully and set out earlier instead of swearing at people who aren't driving as fast as you were.

From, a student who believes in safe driving!!!!!!!

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  1. So horrible but realistic, which makes it even more horrible :(

    I hope that woman got pulled over and fined $$$$ and learned her damn lesson =_____=

    When are people going to learn to stop speeding? In a few years it'll be us driving. I wonder if that's a good thing?