My Ant Farm

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I remember when I was little I use to observe ants and give them chocolate and the next day I'd come back to see the chocolate all melted and half dissolved. I found it fascinating... but then one day I got bored of the ants and drowned them all or put the chocolate on top of their nest so they couldn't get out - which was also fascinating but then I stopped observing them....

Now I find myself doing the same thing after finding an ant hole with millions of ants crawling out! So I grabbed my camera, grabbed a Time Out chocolate and rushed out to my front yard and did the same thing...

What you will need:
-frontyard + ants
-chocolate (or any kind of food)
-yourself (duh!)

I planted three broken up peices of chocolate and placed it near ants and observed [like a scientist ^^]

 6:15 pm

-pictures will be here-

25 minutes later

6:40 pm

-pictures will be here-

6:45 pm

Observation: The red ants like the chocolate and appreciate it, lots of them are surrounding it.

While the chocolate that I've put on the small black ants nest do not really care about the chocolate even though there are lots of ants there.

The chocolate that was put in between the road where the small black ants keep going is appreciated and they like it.

Note: the chocolate I gave to the red ants has DISAPPEARED - literally....I can't find it anywhere!

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