Life in a Shoujo Romance Manga + Photos

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Ever wondered - what if life was like a shoujo romance manga?
Predictable but still you went through all obstacles just for that one guy.

Or better yet, what if your life was Bella Swan and you had Edward Cullen?
Dangerous but you still whined about being old and wanting to be a vampire.

Maybe you were Elizabeth Bennett and you met your Mr. Darcy.
Old-fashioned and you spoke words people couldn't understand.

\\\\\,,,, Erm.....*sigh* life in reality = you can only imagine
Let's just say for 2010 I'm totally focusing on being smart!!!!!
I am so going to be a top CEO!!! (even though no one believes it)
Anyways, I'm going to wear a nice suit and have a amazing office/desk and earn lots of money $$
So I can live in a wonderful apartment with Sarah AYAYAYAYA!!!!!

Kthx,, here are pics:

Popteen magazines and the rest are stationary

Close up of the stationary

Green Tea Ice Cream with Rabieaker, Hello kitty watch, Missha BB cream, BABY perfume, Marie Cat ears and hair elastic

While my sister was being sexy I was trying to be cute ^___^ and bought lots of adorable stuff!

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  1. Oh Yeah, our Monocco something apartment (:
    It's going to be awesome ^__^