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I feel like all I ever blog about is food. Which is exactly what this blog post is going to be about as well but nothing interesting ever happens in my life (or Perth for that matter) except new restaurants and cafes popping up. So I shall continue blogging about these ridiculously nice places I've been visiting. Except maybe I'll spread it out evenly instead of combining it into one ridiculously large blog post.

Here are some nice dinner places you can visit around Northbridge!

Lucky Chan's Laundry + Noodlebar / Northbridge

I ordered the Danny Ramen ($15.90) with a spiciness of 7/10 (Because I like it hot!) and I liked it! The broth had a nice rich flavour (from the pork mince?), including the corn, meshed well together. I would definitely go back just for the ramen. My friend made a face when I told her there was corn in it and that she would take out the corn but I actually really liked the corn and I don't usually like corn with anything. However, the only problem was, I wasn't completely full. I think if I had a drink and an entree as well as the ramen I would be full. I only had the ramen and some water so I left feeling half full which is better than leaving not full at all I guess.

My sister ordered the Umami Monster ($14.90) and she mentioned that it tasted like water. So I tried her ramen while she tried mine and we definitely agreed that the broth played a huge part in how good the dishes were. Her's was extremely bland even with all of the ingredients added into in (fried tofu, tomato, wood ear mushrooms and 62 degree egg). I think her's needed a richer broth. 

Lucky Chan's is a hit or miss. I shall be back to try some of the other stuff on the menu! 

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar / Northbridge

Tucked away in an extremely popular alleyway is Francoforte Spaghetti Bar. I've passed by it numerous of times while visiting their neighbours Superstar Waffles, Babooshka and Is Donburi but never had the opportunity to try it until now. My friend always put me off it saying that it was expensive but I didn't think it was that expensive. In fact, I really enjoyed the night at Francoforte even if I didn't especially like the Carbonara that I ordered.

The spaghetti bar was so cute! I loved the interior and how we could see the kitchen. It was so chill I wish we had bought a bottle of wine because it felt like the perfect place to have spaghetti and wine.

The Guanciale Carbonara ($16 | $22) Grande I ordered had only crispy bacon bits with it and barely any sauce. It tasted so bland and boring towards the end when I was finishing up the plate. The bacon bits were also extremely salty that I just left most of them on the side of my plate. What they did do right was the spaghetti though - the spaghetti was cooked just right. It wasn't too soft or too hard and made the meal much more enjoyable. Also, on the menu it mentioned there was egg - I don't actually remember having egg on mine or at least in the way that I imagined it to be.

My sister ordered the Eggplant Sugo ($15 | $20) Piccolo with a side of pork sausage ($4) and her dish was a lot better. The difference in serving sizes between a Grande and a Piccolo was miniscule. Hers was just as filling as mine. I would definitely just opt for a Piccolo size next time. The Eggplant Sugo was so much nicer and richer in flavour. I think Francoforte does better in tomato sauces than cream sauces.

Would definitely recommend the Eggplant Sugo in Piccolo! Would go back again to try out the other dishes and definitely bringing a bottle of wine next time.

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