transportation | a hong kong video diary

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Would super appreciate it if you could watch my new video diary! Thank you so much!

So I was going through my iPhoto images as I wanted to browse through my photos which I took back in 2013/2014 when I went back to Hong Kong (and also visited Taiwan) when I discovered that I actually filmed a lot of videos during my holidays.

This quickly inspired me to film a video diary like those beautiful ones Zoe Suen puts together. Mines not as good as hers but it was greatly inspired by her video diaries. It took me around 4 hours to put it altogether (including uploading and publishing it) and I am super proud of what I created. Hopefully I can continue improving in the future but I'm so in love with the video's thumbnail. I didn't even specifically choose one - it just came up.

Thanks for reading/watching!

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