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Is blogging the traditional way still a thing anymore? As I've been lacking and I feel like I only post once a month these days. Which is better than nothing I suppose. The above photo is of me - all blue and blurred out - and my friends. I assure you, the whole matching couple colour scheme outfit was totally not planned. It was a complete coincidence. 

I wish all my friends were friends with each other. It would honestly save my bank account. I've had four friends - who aren't friends with each other - try to invite me out for brunch/dinner already. It's so infuriating trying to organise a day, pick which cafe/restaurant to have, set a time and decide who to go with. Then I have to use my money when I'm already in the middle of saving up for a, might I add, much needed vacation! 

Anyways, back to the blog title. I thought I would do one of those monthly reviews again as I deleted it last time as I didn't want people to think I was an actual food reviewing blog. Sorry, I'm not deserving of that title yet. This month + a little bit of April - we mostly went to South of the River. It was such a road trip. I think next month we'll just stick to our favourites and places I haven't been back in ages like Mr. Munchies! 

Harvest Espresso 

Went to Harvest Espresso with my sister to try their menu. I ordered the roasted cauliflower while she ordered some pancakes (I think?) I really liked mine! But I wouldn't order it again just because towards the end it was tasting really repetitive and bland. It was just a whole chunk of cauliflower. I wish they had more of that cream as the cauliflower needed more flavouring. The cream was exceptionally nice The nuts and the crisps were a nice touch of texture and flavour. Wish the egg was more cooked as it tasted soggy and the yolk didn't add much flavour :( 

I also ordered the Matcha latte and honestly it just tasted like powder. Not really much Matcha flavour at all. Was kinda disappointed with that as we're used to drinking the Matcha drinks at Superstar Waffles and they're lovely. 


We dropped by Yelo as we wanted to find a pet-friendly place as Choco desperately needed to go out after being stuck with the cone around his neck all week. I ordered a banana bread (really into that lately) and a vegetable slice with a cappuccino. The banana bread didn't have any banana taste to it which I was disappointed in and it was super sweet. The texture was nice though but maybe I'll just get banana bread somewhere else. 

The vegetable slice was slightly cold and that could've been due to the weather so I won't blame them. It was really nice and I would definitely order it again! As was that cappuccino - nice with enough froth. I honestly don't like people who give me a cappuccino with barely any froth. FROTH IS WHERE IT'S AT. Otherwise, I would've just ordered a Flat White. 

Varsity Bar

Ordered the Nachos as it was on special. It was good...I guess. I still wish there was more meat sauce and less coriander. For some reason, all I can remember is loving nachos from an pop culture convention I went to. It had a lot of nacho chips, chunk of chilli con carne and do-it-yourself sour cream, avocado and jalapeƱos. WANT! 

The Modern Eatery

$99 meal at the Modern Eatery. WHAT?! We were already deciding what to order differently next time when we were leaving the place. So we're definitely going back but we're definitely going to be eating some stuff before going instead of going on an empty stomach.

We ordered a tofu & seaweed salad - that was great and everything was blended in nicely. Definitely ordering that next time. 

Fry me to the Moon - Awesome, crunchy sushi roll with cooked salmon and cream cheese. Recommended. 

Will not be ordering the nigiris next time. Was not anything special to be honest. Not very filling and was expensive $3+ for one single nigiri. 

Sweet Potato roll was super nice and crispy. However, it did not leave a good lasting impression. Won't be re-ordering. 

Chirashi set. HAHAHA. Never ordering this again. Look at above photo. $23 for the above and a miso soup. Sorry, but it just wasn't worth it even it is using the freshest ingredients possible. 

Musashi. Was so nice. Want it right now. 

The Moon Cafe

Ordered the Chilli Prawn, Comfort and Lamb Ragu and a Spinster Pizza. Everything was so delicious. We literally devoured inhaled it. Even my dad, whose a chef, said it was super nice and filling. Also so worth it - $13 on Monday - Thursdays for pizzas and pastas. Can't wait to go back again!! Our server was also so helpful and friendly. Thanks the Moon Cafe!! 

Ending this post with a photo of Sarah and I promoting the Shaun the Sheep Movie after we finished watching Pitch Perfect 2! Thanks for reading!! Can't wait to try more places! 

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