Melbourne Trip 2014 DAY 1

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I have been super lazy and been meaning to blog about my Melbourne trip but just been putting it off. I think I'll just blog about each day seperately instead of bundling it all into one post! 

Last week on a Tuesday (22nd of July), my best friend Yun, my sister and I took on Melbourne! We arrived there at 5 am in the morning and hardly had any sleep because we had a child sitting behind us and she talked the whole 3 hours on the way to Melbourne - we hardly had any sleep and I arrived in Melbourne feeling exhausted.

We lounged around the airport and had breakfast. It was freezing when we arrived in Melbourne. The fact that we arrived there before the sun even came out was possibly the main reason why but it was Winter there also. Anyways, as we ate our first meal in Melbourne, we planned out how the day was supposed to go. We couldn't check into the hotel until 2 pm but we didn't want to carry our luggages around while we explored Melbourne. We called up the hotel - which was the Albany motel - and they were super friendly and let us know we could leave our luggages at the motel and they could even let us check in earlier than 2pm! So we caught a taxi (the taxis are yellow!) and the taxi driver was also really helpful and friendly and let us know about all the tourist destinations which we were planning to go. He helped us cross a lot of destinations off our list as he told us which ones we should go and which ones were not as good.

The ride to the motel was so exciting and fascinating. Melbourne is truly, so awesomely, beautiful. Every single one of the buildings there are so pretty and I love how fashionable people are there.

 We arrived at the motel, it was pretty nice and very homey (?). We checked in at 10am and asked about public transport. We decided to go to the Botanic Gardens first since it was nearby and walking distance. It was so pretty. We didn't fully explore the gardens though and we only just realised when we were on the way back.

Since we didn't have our myki cards for the trams, we couldn't take the tram to the CBD to get our myki cards haha. So we asked some locals and one man told us we could walk to CBD. So on our way there we passed the National Gallery of Victoria and went in.

After the art gallery, we walked to Federation square and finally bought our myki cards! They were $41 and were unlimited fares lasting for a week which was a pretty good deal. So we finally got our myki cards and we continued to explore the CBD area and found Krispy Kremes! Starbucks! (We don't have these in Perth) We also dropped by Coles to get some toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and other toiletries and snacks just in case. We then went back to the motel by tram! and on our first ever tram ride ~ the tram crashed into a turning car!!!!! The tram actually thought the car would go so the tram driver slowed down but then the car didn't turn so the tram driver went but then the car turned right into the tram! So they collided and we were in shock as it was our first tram ride ever!

Anyways, the car driver,luckily, was safe and we arrived at our motel in time. I immediately fell asleep as I was so tired and hardly had any sleep during the night. After I and everybody else woke up from their nap - they also fell asleep after me haha - We went to Chapel Street for dinner. However, when we got off the tram we realised we got off way too early and we were so lost. We had no idea where we were until we got out our trusty paper map out. All the shops were already all closed by the time we arrived at chapel street though - except for Topshop! Topshop was so expensive though?? And I didn't really like anything there. Throughout the whole trip no one bought anything from Topshop. 

After walking around, we were getting pretty hungry and I decided on having dumplings for dinner! It was so yummy and cheap. I paid and it was only $24 for the whole meal. So cheap! It would usually be more than $50 at least to feed 3 people! 

That was pretty much our first day in Melbourne! This should be the longest post as we actually did a lot the first day. 

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