Fast Fashion: Zara Perth

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I'm sure many people are aware that recently ZARA - the Spanish brand has opened up in Perth, Garden City, which a lot of people have been happy about. The reason why it's such a substantial factor for us Perthies is just because it's a step forward to more diverse international fashion brands.

Just recently coming back from Melbourne, which is the fashion capital of Australia, being exposed to all these international brands such as ZARA, Topshop, H&M, American Apparel and all these small boutiques have been completely overwhelming. Especially when you're from a developing city such as Perth!

Perth will always be my home - no matter where else I travel and choose to stay. Seeing it develop and become more 21st century while living here makes me so proud. I'm really happy ZARA came over to Perth because I find that it is such a lovely brand and holds such a strong marketing strategy. A video was recently shown in one of my lectures at university which I thought I would love to share.


I hope this is the first of many fast fashion stores yet to come to Perth! Hopefully they can open up plenty of major retail stores such as my favourite UNIQLO! But at the same time, I hope Australians can take the initiative to open up many Australian-owned/brands stores which are affordable and unique from other countries.

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