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Some people are so sheltered away from the reality of the world because their parents protect them so much. I pity them a bit. I feel like they're so pure and innocent and so protected from the world and living in their fantasy land. I don't think I can become friends with these kinds of people - just because we won't have anything in common. Even when I hang out with my friends who have to ask their parents permission to go out and parents who worry over being out too late. I feel like they have no freedom even when they're already the legal age. You're of age to drive, you're of age to drink, you're of age to get married yet you still need to ask your parents for permission to go out late at night with your friends and you can't be by yourself out in the city at night time. The city isn't that dangerous! There are so many people in the city - it's much more dangerous when you're in a place where there's not that many people.

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