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So I had the pleasure of seeing 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky this afternoon with my friend, Anaya. I know - I know - the film has been out for more than a month over in America; but it only premiered here in Australia yesterday!

I was sort of disappointed that there weren't as many people in the cinemas as I thought there would be. There were only perhaps 10 people in the room. They all sat in pairs and it was really quiet except for the laugh-able bits in the film.

Anyhoo, the film was great! It definitely represents the novel well and I loved it so much. It covered so many issues and was quite overwhelming towards the end but I loved the use of music/soundtrack to support the scene. As it is a coming-of-age film, I'll compare it to other coming of age films and in that aspect, it does quite well in spreading out topics like drugs, sex, love, friendships, growing up etc.

Logan Lerman really surprised me, as did Ezra Miller. When they were first announced as Charlie and Patrick respectively, I had my doubts but after watching the film - I definitely changed my mind. They WERE Charlie and Patrick. I loved Ezra's version of Patrick, I can definitely picture Patrick like that but maybe a little bit more quirkier. Emma Watson as Sam was also great! I really loved her acting, I couldn't see the Hermione in her at all. I pictured Sam and it was nice. Nina Dobrev also did awesome, after watching the Vampire Diaries the day before and watching POBAW, I have to say that Nina did a great job! Of course, TVD fans already knew that as she plays two different characters Katherine and Elena (spoiler alert?) realistically.

However, I wish some parts of the novel were included. Of course I am aware that a film is a film and a novel is a novel so a whole novel cannot be meshed into one film. Such parts include showing Bill (Mr. Anderson) and Charlie's relationship more, the poem felt like an importance but I'm sure it didn't need to be included, Candace's abortion, Aunt Helen's background about being molested so that the ending would make more sense to people who haven't read the novel! However, many parts of the novel were included in there which I would have too and which I thought were important. One last thing - I wish Charlie cried more because he cried so much in the novel and that they would've shown that Charlie was smart and not only at the beginning of the film.

The quote 'We accept the love we think we deserve' played a huge part in the film.

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