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Recently, my friends have been telling me that my skin has actually gotten better since the last time they saw me. Which was 3 weeks ago. My family has also told me that my skin has gotten better as well. I think it's because of my new skincare routine and the products I've been using that have made my skin a lot better. So I'm going to share these Australian products with you. I'm sure you can pretty much find these products anywhere.

My acne journey

Ever since year 6, my skin has been blemished with blackheads and small pimples on my nose and forehead. It became worse in year 7 and 8. I was really uneducated and pretty much not interested at all in my skin and beauty and all of that stuff. I had acne all across my forehead, and there would be large lumps around my nose area. My cheeks, eyebrow area, chin area were all clear though. It wasn't until later in year 10 that my cheeks and chin were filled with occasional acne. It was just specks of pimples on my cheeks and my jawline and then on my chin. I always thought my acne would go away as I got older.

 I knew that my acne was probably the cause of me eating excessive junk food, not taking care of my skin and probably because of the makeup I constantly wore in year 8. So I tried having a healthier diet, took more time in cleaning my face and stopped wearing makeup in year 9. It did get a bit better but my face still hurt and it wasn't a drastic change at all. My skin basically got worse as I moved onto year 11.

In year 11, I bought St. Ives Green Tea Scrub. This product scared that living daylights out of me. I had no idea what had happened. I always thought I had an allergic reaction to this. The day I tested this out - the next day my skin was at it's worst. My cheeks were completely covered with red bumps. It had never happened before - my cheeks were always completely clear and smooth apart from a few red bumps. It hurt to even touch them. My forehead was covered in bumps and my chin was too. It even went all the way down to my jawline. My skin became completely oily and by the end of the day it was so shiny it stung my eyes because of the oil from my eyelids. That's how serious it was.

It wasn't until a month ago that I started my new regime. I can honestly say that it it perhaps my skin in year 8 or something. There are still scars from the scrub and all the acne but my forehead, my nose, my jawline is not as serious as it was before. The only problem I really need to deal with is my blackheads, large pores and chin area. That's about it and the chin area really isn't a big deal for me anymore. I'm not telling you to not buy the green tea scrub because I think it actually saved my skin. I still actually use it and I haven't had any of the effects that I did last year. I think the scrub helped to bring everything up to the surface and then it'll clear everything off. My skin isn't as shiny thanks to the products I use!
Skincare products I use now

Listing from top left to bottom right

  1. Cotton Pads 
  2. Formula 10.0.6 - Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser x
  3. Lucas' Papaw Ointment x
  4. Nivea Young - Control Shine (Mattifying Gel Cream) x
  5. Nivea Young - Be Beautiful (Tinted Moisturiser) x
  6. Maybelline - Dream Matte powder x
  7. Maybelline - Baby Lips (Anti-oxidant Berry) x
  8. Neutrogena - Oil-Free Moisture (SPF 15) x
  9. Neutrogena - oil-free fresh moisture (I use as face primer)
  10. Biore - Triple action Toner x

Of course, everyones skin really differs from each other. I remember in year 8, I saw a blogpost on a girl telling her readers what her skincare routine was and since I was uneducated at that time - I copied her and bought the products she used. It was one of the factors that ruined my skin. The product was way too harsh on my skin and it did not suit it at all. It made me break out after using it. So, unless you've done some research on the products I use - please don't try them on your skin (especially if you have sensitive skin!) I have oily skin!

The two products that I highly recommend that saved my skin would be the control shine by nivea young and the Biore triple action toner. I really saw a difference after I started using those two. I don't even really use my cleanser because I know the toner really does everything for my skin. It cleanses, tones and removes blemishes for me. I use papaw cream and the baby lips because I have really dry lips. I have three moisturisers (even though I have oily skin!). One of them is part of my makeup routine though so it doesn't really count. The other two, I only use one of them. If I'm wearing makeup, I use the fresh moisturiser (blue one), if I'm not (which is on most days) I use the SPF 15 one. Then I put on the tinted moisturiser and set it with the dream matte powder so that my skin doesn't go oily from all the moisturisers.

I'll post my everyday makeup products next time. I hope this helped though. 

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  1. You know... now that you mention it, your skin HAS been looking much lately :)

    Eurgh, year twelve. It's making me a mess. I feel really grotty without any exercise and skincare or sleep. I can't wait until it's over.