Didn't like the HUNGER GAMES! [spoilers]

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It might come across as a shock to everyone, since I usually like every movie I watch except for some...But personally, I didn't really like the Hunger Games. Honestly, I would prefer Breaking Dawn part 1 (only breaking dawn out of the twilight saga) over the Hunger games. I know many of my friends love it so much and think it's even better than Harry Potter. Seriously?! This movie gave me a migraine and I couldn't even see what was happening. The worst part is, is that it was so unrealistic and it was like they were trying to put everything into the book! Some people might complain that it didn't stay true to the book and what not, but I believe that the most important part of making a movie based on a novel, is just to pick out the important events and place it in the movie. You don't need to put every single detail into the movie unless you want it to be like 10 hours long.

OF COURSE THE BOOK IS GONNA BE WAY BETTER THAN THE MOVIE! But how is it possible that I, who has never even read the book (except for like the first 5 pages), did not even like it even though I had nothing to compare it to?! I read twilight and I obviously didn't like it, the cinematography was stupid, the storyline was stupid, there were NO SPECIAL EFFECTS. The Hunger games was great by the way, in terms of acting, special effects, and like fashion I guess.

What I didn't like was how they presented it, the cinematography and the music and how it did not even get me excited or anything except for when the wild dogs were set loose. (Yeah, that made my friend and the man sitting behind me scream)

Ok cinematography! Gave me a headache, I could not even focus on what was happening. It was so choppy! This happened all the way through, even when Kato was fighting against Peeta. It was so dark and I could not even see what was going on! I understand that it's like brutal and they don't want kids to see the killings and everything but I don't understand why they wanted the scenes of Katniss in the mountain and showing how the people in District 12 were like. I was like 'what is going on?' the whole time in the beginning because suddenly Katniss is walking and then the next its just choppy scenes everywhere. The scenes just kept flashing everywhere during the whole movie.

Second, character development. Katniss was like presented well and everything and we understand - she's a strong girl ok? But what in the world happened to like Rue, Gale and Peeta, Haymitch? Like, Rue saved her life once and suddenly Katniss is like crying when she dies. Their friendship lasted for like 1 day? (Excluding the 3 days she passed out) Katniss couldn't have possibly fallen in love with Peeta so quickly, even if she was faking it. 'SIMBA!!!!' sorry... Gale was useless as a character, didn't even know what his character was like. Haymitch was randomly drunk when they first meet him, and suddenly has an attachment to Katniss. Same goes for Katniss' stylist. Basically, the character development and friendship development was so bad, and so unrealistic.

You know what else is unrealistic? How they didn't even show Katniss or Peeta needing water or food except medicine. ?????? Yep, that's tad bit unrealistic. Also how they didn't even make the games look hard even though they added like 1. the fire 2. the wasps 3. the wild dogs ... That's all I can remember. Also, how for me, I did not even understand what the use of the sponsors were? It didn't even explain everything clearly at all and I was so confused the whole time.

Basically the hunger games part of the movie sucked so bad and also the other parts I had listed. Other than that, everything was good. But the bad parts really did ruin the movie for me, maybe I set my expectations so high but I wasn't even at all excited or like 'omg what's going to happen next?' There wasn't really any action, to be honest. It was just constantly Katniss running around escaping Kato and his gang and that was basically it. I was not impressed, I was expecting the hunger games to be a lot harder and not just Katniss running freely in the forest and spending days up in a tree. She only killed like 2 people and she won the game. That's just so stupid. I was expecting Peeta to show off his throwing skills or something or like Katniss shooting her arrows with skill and not just randomly shooting it to see what will happen when the bag of apples fall. She just wasted like 3 arrows for that?!

I don't know, someone please tell me why you thought the hunger games were so good. Maybe I can reconsider.

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