You know it's Exam Week when...

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My year 12 mid-term exams are in 1 week (10 days) and I've compiled a list of things I personally do when it's (near) exam week.

20 Reasons you can tell it's Exam Week:

  1. Highlighters are your new best friend
  2. Facebook is your worst nightmare
  3. Studying is more important than your hygiene
  4. You spend most of your days in your room or at the library
  5. You have dark circles
  6. The notes that used to be at the bottom of your bag are now neatly placed in folders
  7. Most of the time you're in your pajamas
  8. Studying comes before sleeping
  9. Facebook statuses are about stress, exams, studying.
  10. When you pull all nighters
  11. Caffeine is your new best friend
  12., are your Most Visited on Chrome
  13. You start listening to classical music
  14. You look like a total mess right now
  15. There's study notes and revision sheets everywhere
  16. Imagining the day when you can sleep until 4pm and not feel ashamed about it
  17. The library is full of people
  18. You need to cram the night before
  19. Your social life is temporarily non existent
  20. You feel like the happiest person alive when it's over

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