Athletics Carnival and Other Bits

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Greetings to you all! :) Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been finishing exams and then we had an athletics carnival our first week back after exams! It was pretty hectic as it was so cold and we had to come back from our holiday mood and go straight back into school. I can finally focus on playing Sims 3 and writing my fanfiction! (which still doesn't have a proper name yet D:)

We had our athletics carnival on Thursday and it was pouring in the morning but after the host/speaker on the microphone prayed for us, the rest of the day was all sunny and bright! :D

I didn't go in any of the events except for novelties and those were fun :) We took heaps of photos but these two are the only good ones!

High school Musical! :D
Posing in front of a billboard

Here are some other photos of the Athletics Carnival:

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  1. Well would you look at that - my photography made it into the 'good photos' collection :P
    <3 becca