SCREAM 4 Outing

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So today me and my friends went to the cinemas to watch...

Yup, still can't believe I watched through the whole movie. It was scary, gore-y and amusing all at the same time. I think I screamed a lot during the movies -- disturbing the rest of the people =__= oh no!

I won't really say much since it's definitely not a movie where you should find out who the murderer is in this case since I think that was the clever bit about the movie. It was also very funny thanks to COURTNEY COX! Oh my, she is gorgeous despite her age! Me and my friends kept on thinking the murderer was either this guy or that girl but it was none of them in the end o.O So that was really clever of the movie.

I thought the beginning of the movie was very cleverly done! I would have never guessed. The blood is also very disgusting and gore-y. It's like the whole HEAPS AND HEAPS of blood flowing out of the body kind of bleeding. STAB STAB STAB! Heaps and heaps of stabbing.

The cast were all a pretty bunch and they were all pretty good though I do have to say that they weren't as good as Neve Ampbell (Sidney), David Arquette and Courtney Cox. I will never view Emma Roberts the same after watching the'll find out when you watch the movie. Also, Hayden Panettiere's hair D: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? I like how they connected the old cast and set a new cast together.

Very well done, Scream 4 - you are the cause of all the spilled popcorn on my cinema seat. Literally hugging my box of popcorn from all the suspense and my friend next to me was hiding under her shirt. XD

Here are some photos from our SCREAM 4 Outing:

Sucker Punch; they're shooting Yun~ah!

Drinking out of the same coke cause we're poor;
yeah, I don't know about my pinky either @_@

Stamp from Typo XD

Bang Bang! 

Eating popcorn with chopsticks?
I think so too.

Hook in, guys!


You forgot the rule when doing a remake: Don't f**ck with the original!

Your lemon bars taste like ass

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