River Cruise Year 11

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I am extremely sorry for not updating this blog, but I
have been very busy because of school work. Another reason is because I have no idea what to write and so sometimes I just can't be bothered. ;~;

Anyhoo, we had our year 11 river cruise two weeks ago. It was so much fun! :D As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words so here are some photos:

Left to right: Me and Sarah
Dance floor.....So packed ><

Left to right: Nicole, Becca, Sarah

The food we had :) It was very nice! Buffet!
We arrived on Barrack Street, near the Bell Tower and there was this humungous cruise ship just waiting for us! Everyone was like taking photos and saying 'ooh, I love your dress!' and 'You look so pretty!' It was dreadfully awkward and I didn't even know what to do. 

Then we boarded the ship and it was so big inside. The dance floor was tiny though and I was expecting some cool DJ with headphones and everything but har-har NOPE...just an old man. It was cold outside and some people re-enacted the whole 'Jack and Rose' scene from Titanic outside of the ship. It didn't seem  like the ship was moving but it was actually going at a fast speed. 

We all sat down and had like entree. Which were these mini spring rolls and curry puffs! They were soooo amazingly good! I'm so sad I didn't take that much photos. They were tres bien! We also had glasses of soda. We originally had coca cola at our table but then after we finished it, the waitresses refilled it. We also had a mini buffet. Heaps and heaps of food! It was so nice! I'm actually craving for it right this instant. Potatoes, potato salad, coleslaw, roast beef, bread and butter and garden salad! Oh yumboe, scrumboes!

We had like dessert too but I didn't eat that much because I had stitches from dancing and was very full from the main meal already. The dessert was like passionfruit cake, rocky road cake, fruits and thats all I can remember but they were delicious!

Then the rest of the night I danced while stopping to go outside because it was very hot from the dancing. You could literally see the windows steaming up and everything!

The cruise went on for three and a half hours and by the end of it, by feet were very sore. The next day, my legs and thighs were throbbing in pain from all the dancing (jumping up and down in this case). 

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