Saddest day of my life

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I am so sad, this may be the most miserable day of my entire life. I would've never predicted that this would have happened.

One of my sims 2 characters, Timothy, has in fact 2 UGLY BABIES. They're aliens actually. He summoned aliens and then he was pregnant and I'm really upset because I didn't think they'd be green. I thought they'd just be all of Timothy's genes but no! They're green and ugly.

And worst of all, there's TWO TWO TWO TWO!!!!!!! How am I suppose to kill one when I couldn't even kill two because of how guilty I felt. It almost felt as if I was having an abortion but slightly simmed.

Here are some pictures to show you how miserable I really am:

This is Timothy while he was playing the Bass and this was during College years, he looked ugly back then. But still, Tommy fell for his charms and intelligence!

After Tommy and Timmy fell in love, they moved into a house on college campus so dorm life wouldn't affect them. They had a wonderful life as Timothy was finishing his Senior Years and on to graduating, Tommy was just finishing her Freshman year. They knew they would have to wait for a long time until they could be together forever again so during this time they spent lots and lots of hours together. 

Tommy recently visited Timmy at his new house. She found out his was pregnant and left quickly after that. Timmy also did plastic surgery. 

Timmy suddenly....

Gave birth

These are the two green babies which I have given stupid names to because I wasn't expecting TWO and I already hated them because they're green and ugly. Especially the guy baby because he has the smallest eyes ever. 

Yes, I just left them there. 


:'( :'(


  1. Ewwwww....OMG how did that happen? are u just gonna leave them on the floor?

  2. omgggggggg
    so freakyy!!
    the first few sentences cracked me up lol