Arirang Korean BBQ Restaurant

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So on Wednesday night, me my sister and Jessica went to Arirang in the city! It was like around 8/9 and so there weren’t many people there. We ordered a seafood pancake, a samgyupsal (pork belly)  and bulgogi (marinated beef) set and some ribs thing which I can’t remember what it’s called but it was delish!

P21-07-10_21.10   P21-07-10_21.10[2]

Left: My set! Kimchi, Rice, Miso, Sauce, Tofu, Bean Sprouts and Pickled radish. The finished plate is the seafood pancake we ate earlier.

Right: BBQ Meat! Onions, Pumpkin, Mushrooms, Samgyupsal, Bulgogi and the ribs.

 P21-07-10_21.10[3] P21-07-10_21.10[1]

Left: Raw meat and lettuce to eat together with.

Right: Miso soup

It was really nice!!! They gave heaps of samgyupsal to us but only two ribs even though they’re both the same price - $18 or was it $19? The sets are $23/$24 each. And so we ate $88 in total. The smell of the smoke still lingered on our clothes even after eating there!

I will definitely want to go back there again!! Though I would choose Poppo if it was for lunch because they also have a variety of food the same as at Arirang except they don’t have samgyupsal which I was really excited and looking forward to trying it after watching We Got Married~ VicKhun.

Yes, that is all. Some images on my phone:


It was on our Peking Duck. haha.


Took this secretly, but the one behind (the one that moved) looks so much like Wing Wing! It’s also a CavalierxMaltese as well. And it’s ADORABLE!!! ><

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