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Wall art in the streets of Perth City 140

Just a little update on my current ~life~ situation where I try to persuade you that I'm a perfectly normal human being of society.

These past few months have really just been about university and working on assessments plus working as per usual. The past month has been extremely stressful as I was working 4 nights for work and had 3 days of university with no break in between. I was basically working 7 nights for a month straight without a day off or a night to just breathe and relax. It was super stressful but I'm really glad I was determined and persevered - the end result was a blessing in disguise.

A picture of some wildly amusing wall art in the streets of Mount Lawley

I haven't been able to explore any new exciting restaurants because of working so much but I remember going to the Meatball Bar in Leederville (they're also opening one up in Mount Lawley!) and I can't wait to go back when I have a bit more money to spend. I ordered the Sicilian pork meatballs and it was all that I ever dreamed of. It was spicy meatballs PLUS it had an Eggplant Parmi! What else could a girl want? (Honestly a lot more but this comes pretty close)

Closeup shot of the Eggplant Parmi Meatball dish I ordered

Apart from food, I also love travelling and I'm ecstatic to announce that I will be travelling at the start of next year! I honestly believe that I should have at least one holiday per year. I didn't have one last year and it has been the most stressful year because I've had basically no breaks. I was working two jobs this time last year instead of a holiday and I didn't have a holiday in the middle of the year. Anyways, hopefully we get to travel to four different places - Hong Kong, Guangzhou, San Francisco and Vancouver. Hopefully.

I will definitely update in the future if I'm travelling again but we've been receiving some horrible news so our holiday might even have to wait :( (Of course I'm more upset about the horrible news than not going on holiday)

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