Be an Eggcellent Benedict

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So my GP told me I was depressed and should probably blog out my feelings because I'm keeping too many thoughts inside and not letting it out. So I should start writing out my thoughts more because it's healthy (?) and I'm totally bullshitting this horribly right now.

I don't know, I just felt like blogging and I've probably completely forgotten what I wanted to talk about but that's possibly the whole point of my blog. No readers. Pressure free - no new content out each week - just whenever and however and whatever I feel like doing.

So I hung out with my friends this morning which was far too early for my liking. I woke up at like seven am which was even earlier than what I usually wake up for for work. Breakfast was at 9 and I had to leave by 8:30. Did not even get up until 8am. I'm getting so good at not caring about what I look like in the morning and regretting it as soon as I leave the house and realise what my friends are wearing. I THOUGHT IT WAS CASUAL! WHY ARE YOU WEARING A DRESS?! I look like a completely mentally and financially unstable human being compared to you.

But anyways, breakfast was good. I'm now hungry though - few hours later. I had an affogato. Just finished taking a nap. Caffeine never does its job for me and I desperately need it because I run out of energy so quickly. Which I've found it is largely due to my unhealthy lifestyle of eat, sleep and poop and then eat even more without exercising. I had an eggs benedict. It was delicious. I'm not going to even attempt to make it because I know I'll stuff up the hollandaise sauce.

So in regards to actual (sort of) intellectual conversation we had today. We discussed about how flipping narrow minded some people are. They've never even heard of the word empathy or the phrase put yourself in someone elses shoes! We all know humans are selfish and why wouldn't we be. It's the only thing we can count on - we came into the world alone and die alone. Humans are so flawed but step around on this Earth and you'll soon realise that we're all social creatures and we all need one another even with our differences. Can people stop being EXTREMELY selfish and just be a tad little bit selfish in the right occassions such as not lending your money to your friend because it is your money. Or perhaps not giving a lift for a family member because you just want to go home as soon as possible! Those are actually reasonable reasons to be selfish. Like its OK. It's ALRIGHT. But when its just not ethical to be selfish and really harms another person - it is not OK.

I don't know what else to really talk about. The sudden urge to blog just disappeared. THIS IS WHY I NEVER BLOG.

// Ok I just remembered.
IT IS NOT OK TO FORCE YOUR OPINIONS/BELIEFS/VALUES ONTO OTHER PEOPLE. I don't even care if you want to be a good role model thats completely up to you and how you want to live your life. I respect that. You can do that with your life and be a perfectly good role model. However, don't force that onto me. I'm only twenty but I feel like I haven't even experienced 75% of what life has got to offer me. Getting married right now is the least of my worries. I want to make new friends and travel the world and hang out with my close friends that don't keep me boxed up and respect me. I need mature friends that act their age and I can't deal with people who put me down and just force their opinions down my throat and expect me to act a certain way because thats what they think and feel is right. I don't do that - that's just not me.

I admit that I'm the type of person that talks about people behind their backs but its really nothing that I wouldn't mind them hearing about from another person. If they found out - I wouldn't deny it because it's what I think of them honestly. I would probably judge someone about their views and create my own personal opinions about it but I wouldn't force you to follow what I believe in and try to pressure you into doing what I think you should do. I'm probably a really bad friend and person and sometimes I think to myself - wow I can't believe I said that. I'm such a horrible friend. It's just one of my big flaws (I think it's actually genetics tbh).

Ok bye /rant over.

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  1. Sorry we got up so early lol. It was a struggle for me too XD
    Ah the dress. The dress!!!! I was wearing my $5 "cheer you up when you feel like shit" dress that morning, but I must admit, I did feel much better afterwards, it was great catching up with you :P

    Dw, I'm not stalking you. I honestly just felt like blogging again myself and wondered how you were doing.

    Take care :) x