Maybe Next Year

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It's once again the last day of the year again. I feel like this year didn't go by as quickly as the other years since it seems like a lot of things occurred this year and it was probably one of the most interesting and eventful years. I learned a lot of life lessons this year and I feel like I'm content being me and accepting that my teenage years will soon be behind me. I'll be 20 in two months. I don't feel 20 though and I guess even when I'm 40 I'll feel like I don't feel 40. I still feel like a teenager trying to take in everything all at once but processing it one piece at a time. 

Can you figure out how I'm feeling right now with all these depressing songs? I'm spending New Years Eve by myself again! I'll probably also be spending New Years Day and Valentines Day by myself again this year too. I hope next year I'll be able to blog more, meet (more) people and dress more fashionably and hopefully get a retailing part time job that I likeeee! 

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