Snails and Sims 2

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Today while me and my sister were hanging out the clothes we discovered that aliens had taken over our garden of mumsies weird plants...

Here are the photos:

OMG, look at how beastly these things are!

Literally, taking over the garden with their slimy bodies.
I think loads of them reproduced because there was HEAPS of little snails.

On a completely different note...

I started playing sims 2 like yesterday morning and have been playing until this morning. I download loads of custom content or else my sims would be ugly...and I dont know what custom content I downloaded but it made sims 2 on my computer stuff up and now the custom content wont show up on sims 2 when I play it. I tried uninstalling it (bad choice) didnt do least it loads now and opens up the game but it still won't show the custom content I downloaded. Now all my sims 2 families are gone, all of my storyboards are gone, all of my custom content are gone!!! I feel so sad TT___TT

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