Last Day of Term 3

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On the last day of term 3 something exciting happened. It happened to my best friend and not me but it is still very cute. You see, my friend, F, likes this guy named M. They're both from Malaysia and they basically talk to each other everyday and their families know each other well. She's very shy and she believes that the guy should confess - not the girl!
But on the last day of term 3 (24th September) was her birthday and therefore me and Emily, my other best friend, decided to tell M how F felt towards him. Now, let me tell you about M (hehe ^^) - he is extraordinarily weird. Ok,ok, so maybe I am much more weirder than him but he is the anti-social weird. He always gives you this look -> o.O (I think that is his signature look) but anyways, I do not know why F likes him, must be because he is smart kekeke~
This is what happened:

We (me and Emily)  are walking towards him and his friend but he walked away really fast towards his bag (he was powerwalking) because we were like "Hi M!!!!" then he went to look for his bag then Emily goes "Hi M. Do you like anybody?" and he looks at us weirdly except he didn't give you his look. He's like a peacock or something ducking around to find his bag. Then when Emily asked the question he's just like shaking his head then ducks back down to look for his bag. Then I go "Oh, well, do you want to know who likes you?" Then he's like...."no." In a weird tone XD.... Then I realise that F isn't here so I'm like "Where's F?" to Emily and then M powerwalks away. Okay, so theres like two lanes and theres like the nurse's building office in the middle. He first walks towards the left lane but then F appears with Yun and she sees M and she hides away. So then he like goes to the right lane LOL. Then me and Emily go up to him again and I'm like "Oh, it's F by the way." Then we like go on this big huge follow M thing. F is on the oval so M goes on the left lane towards his class again. Then we go to oval to see F and she's like all blushing xD and then suddenly! M is like walking toward her and LOL it is was so funny and so cute!!! >____<

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