Reason behind the name ~Cyndork~

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Remember when you were little and you signed up for games like Neopets, Millsberry, Barbie and more? Well, they always asked you for a username and password. When I was five, I put down 'cindyor' and the password to be numbers in order. Then as I grew older, I was more creative and put names like technorocket or barbiexmaterial or n3mo.xx and more. It always seemed to change so that's why I can't remember any of my usernames and where I signed up. Then came along 2008 and I remember one of my bestfriends from year 8 told me how cindy or if you add a d and a k it would be cindork. At first I was like, ehh mmkay. Then in 2009, somehow I didn't know what username to use and everything. So then I remembered cindork. From cindork, it became cyndork because for obvious reasons, it looked better and ALSO because I liked 'cyndi' more than 'cindy' XD

The End.