Camera Whoring

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So yesterday night I went camera whoring...
you're probably wondering why the picture is so disgusting but have mercy on me!
I can't be bothered drawing into detail like some people >.>
So...went camera whoring and guess what?
I took 78 photos and only 1 of them is good.
This is completely not shocking to me because I've never been much of a photogenic person.
I've always looked ugly in photos. ORZ.
The weird thing is the only good picture only has half of my face and a teddy bear.

Translation: Not good...
Another bad only took a minute to draw these two pictures.
Then another minute to scan it...
Aish, why am I always changing the subject?!
So yeah, this is the life of me and my photogenic days.
....Okay whatever that didn't make sense xD

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