Sports Carnival 2012

21:31 Cyndi 1 Comments

So, this is it. My final athletics carnival at school...forever?! It was spent well and filled with lots of laughter, Bobs Burgers, emotional sleeping moods and butts...on the ground (literally!)

I don't know why the school always holds Athletics Carnivals during Winter time but they always seem to rain on the day we have carnivals. So there were a lot of slips during races including mine - which I completely face planted during the 100m where I was actually, surprisingly, coming first! WOO! But then I slipped and my shoe flew onto the other side of the race track which was a laugh and luckily Yun helped me and we finished last and second last respectively! YAAAAY FOR GREAT FRIENDS!

I'm not sure what happened to the camera/photo quality for like most of the photos but obviously my camera went all PMS on me and decided to take crappy photos. I hope you still enjoy though :) I took some photos from my friend's camera and he has a DSLR so...

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