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I miss you.

I miss the way your tail wags and hits me in the face while your butt wiggles because you wag it so hard. I miss the way you would just lie down on the edge of my bed or curl up right next to my leg. I miss the way you would get up when I got up. I miss the way you would grab a toy and show it off to us when we came back home as a little present. You'd carry the toy and walk like you were in a beauty contest and it made us laugh so much. I miss the way your butt would wiggle in the air and you'd have your head on your paws and look up at us.

I miss your cute little white paws and the way you'd give it to me when I asked for 'hand' or when I would ask you to beg and you'd place them together to beg for your food. I miss the paws that held onto the bones we gave you whether it be the Smackos bone or the pork bones you loved so much.

I miss the times you'd follow me everywhere or just check up on me. I even miss the times you'd just sit on top of the sofa and look out of the window. I miss your face in the window watching us come back home and wagging your tail. Sometimes we'd see your face - other times you'd go into our rooms. I miss seeing you lying down on my bed and just wagging your tail when I turned on the light and seeing you wagging your tail on the edge of my bed. I miss you cleaning up my plate. I miss waking up in the morning and finding that you were curled up sleeping right next to my face, my legs, on the edge of my bed, underneath my bed covers when it was Winter. I miss getting woken up by you early in the morning telling me to pick you up onto the bed.

I miss the sounds of your paws in the house. I miss your barking. I miss your howling. I miss the nagging sounds you'd make to tell us to do something - letting you out, letting you back inside, 'take me out for walkies,' picking you up on the bed. I miss your face out the car window and your smiling face. I miss your face. I miss your perfectly white and aligned teeth. I miss you sticking out your tongue. I miss seeing you so hyper. I miss you jumping everywhere and going back on forth just to get up on the sofa. I miss how your ears perk up. I miss playing with you - tug of war, training you, feeding you. You made us all so happy. I miss the touch of your fur and body. I miss massaging you.

I miss seeing how happy you were after the park. I miss you wiping your nose on my mat. I miss you just running so free across the grass fields. I miss the way you'd communicate with dogs and jump everywhere. I miss the way you pee and poop. I miss the way you'd follow me everywhere. I miss your face when I hide away from you. I miss the way you freak out when you can't find me and run away. I miss the way you loved us more than other people. I miss how loyal you were and how you showed us how much you loved us. I miss your growls. I miss you jumping. I miss how obedient and intelligent of a dog you were. I miss giving you belly rubs. I miss you in my car and going back and forth between the windows. I miss seeing you eat the food I cook for you. I miss cooking for you and making your food. I miss dressing you up in clothes. I miss the way you would avoid the beach water at all costs but loved going to the beach. I miss seeing you sunbathe on the grass and go exploring the backyard.

I miss you always checking up on me and Mandy. I'm sorry for always annoying you and making you scared. I miss your sleeping face. I miss your big dark brown eyes. I miss your puppy eyes. I miss you licking my face. I miss you licking me.

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