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be honest, I don't know how much longer I can take living on a place - knowing that the system works against you. Especially when I've abided by the law and rules my whole life yet it seems as if bad people, people who break the law and criminals always get the better end of the stick. Even in school, people who continuously break the school rules always end up being well liked by the authority figures.

My psychologist told me that people were on my side - the police, the rangers, the council, the law in general but then time after time they fail me. The rangers never caught the dog. The justice court couldn't give me a restraining order without me paying in the end nor could we have the funds needed for a civil case to get them to pay back the fees. The police never ended up arresting them. Even the homeowner couldn't evict them in time without it, in the end, benefitting them. How is any of this fair and why do could we, why did we and why does it continuously be legal and allowed to go on?

How do I continue on living after facing death. After witnessing life which is so unfair. After reading and learning about the world which doesn't treat everybody fairly or equally. Knowing that the living...have to continue living...and the dead - their time just stops. I won't be able to take him on walks, he won't be celebrating Christmas with us, he will never be able to see the beach again or I'll never be able to cook up new recipes for him or buy new toys for him to play with. Time has stopped and it is so unfair. Why couldn't it have been me the dog attacked? He didn't deserve to go like that. He had so much more to offer to this world. How do you continue on living knowing that there is such pure evil in this world?

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